Change your Frequency! Change your Life!

Whether it be illness, unforeseen bills, procrastination or just plain bad luck. If you have experienced something similar, it just might be that your energy frequency is off.

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. The times where we almost made that jump but missed it by a step. That moment when the train arrives just after we left the station — literally or figuratively. Say you are listening to the radio in your car and do not like the music that you are hearing, what do you do? You change the channel of course! What many people fail to realize is that we can take charge of our lives in the exact same way. Do not like the life that you see before you? Then change your frequency. Change the channel of your life.

The problem isn’t trying to raise your frequency. After all, when we are being true to ourselves, our frequency and energies are always striving to be at their highest and most positive. However, it is when we let the stresses and worries of daily life affect us that our emotional frequency is dragged down.

You are at your purest, highest frequency when you simply let things be and begin to listen to your true self. To do this, all you have to do is step out of your own way; let go of resistance, stop giving attention to everything that may be wrong in your life and instead, turn your focus to everything that is going right in your life.